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Welcome to our brand new website!
We’re doing all we can to improve your on-line experience.
There are plenty of new features including advanced Search functions,
Quick Quote and Image Club – our exclusive on-line design tool.

Since this is a new site, if you have any questions or face any problems, send your comments to

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Why choose Lynka ?

We are your One-Stop-Shop Solution for corporate apparel, customized to help you sell

1. Great Products. We only carry the brands and styles with exceptional product quality and very importantly - that decorate well.

2. Award Winning Decoration. Lynka has won more awards for quality decoration than any other promotional clothing company in Europe.

3. Professional Service. Our highly skilled team of professionals will help you win new business.


4. Customized Solutions. No one offers more customized and creative solutions than Lynka.

5.  A Great New Website. We make it easy to order decorated garments on line.

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