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We’re doing all we can to improve your on-line experience.
There are plenty of new features including advanced Search functions,
Quick Quote and Image Club – our exclusive on-line design tool.

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See Lynka’s potential to create professional e-commerce experience—open 24 hours a day—use as many of Lynka’s products as you like. These site allows your customers to buy directly from you online 24/7. You can customize your site with your logo, banners and personalize it with your own colors.

With Lynka’s professional e-commerce solution you will get access to:

  • Your own personalized page
  • Advanced e-commerce engine (Magento)
  • A huge number of product
  • Possibility to create individual promotions for your costumers
  • The best support you can get from a company which is more than 25 years in this business


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