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Openwork Embroidery

Light with transparent areas this technique is great for filling large areas with an interesting graphic effect. We recommend using a contrasting thread to the garment.

Mixed Threads

This technique creates a unique effect by mixing different single color threads within a fill. Mix different colors and different tones, the possibilities are unlimited.

Metallic Threads

Shiny metallic threads in a variety of colors can add a richness to any design.

Neon Threads

Bright Day-glow colors available in a range of colors. Great highlighting part or all of your design. Especially suited for safety situations and work clothing where high-visibility is a must.

Glow in the Dark Threads

Special impregnated thread which when exposed to light will cast a green glow in the dark. Great for parties in discos and  nightclubs.

Shaded Threads

Threads containing a single color with different tonal (light and dark) values within a spool. This creates an interesting tonal transition within a design.

Complex Fill Embroidery

Dozens of stitch patterns are available to give your fills a unique texture.

3D Embroidery

Also known as Puff embroidery - adds an interesting, more fashionable effect to your design. Stitches on different levels create a rich 3D effect.

Top Stitch

An innovative style of embroidery using a small number of stitches. Perfect for creating „light” lettering on textiles. A nice alternative for large format embroidery.

Multi-Colored Threads

Similar to „shaded threads”, this technique uses a single spool of thread containing multiple colors which creates a unique visual effect.

Embroidery + Appliqué

A combination of several different decoration methods to give your designs interesting and unique effects.

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