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Design Templates

Protective Face Masks

All-Over Templates

for printing on flat, cut pieces then sewn

Note that if the face masks are manufactured and sewn from raw material, we will print the design first on 40 x 50 cm (16” x 20”) panels of fabric, and then cut, assemble and sew afterwards.  This will allow us to print all-over designs from edge-to-edge of the face mask (template F).  Designs such as ‘repeat patterns’ will be possible in such cases. Flat mask models include Cotton Fare GCF/MA001.

Template A

Template B

Template C

Template D

Template E

Template F

Templates for ready-made face masks

(i.e. GCF/MA001)

For many orders, we will be printing on ready-made face masks. In this case, the print field will be defined like other products, such as Caps. We will show a blank template of a face mask, with an approximately 8 x 7 cm (3” x 2,7”) design, that will be printed in the center. Ready-made mask models include Cotton Fare GCF/MA001.

Template G

Template H

Crisis Buster

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