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March 31, 2020

Dear Clients & Friends,


As we continue to fight this unprecedented corona-virus battle and its economic impact, I was thinking about how we at Lynka can help you, our clients – our friends.

A moment ago, I returned to my office after walking through production, which, thank God, is still running.  I looked closely at the orders that are running on our printing and embroidery machines.  I noticed that certain types of businesses seem to be holding up these days, and still have a need for our products and services.

Then, my Eureka moment.  Since we are servicing promotional agencies and clothing companies across Europe with full-service, printed merchandise, we clearly see how our products are being used. Of course, we can’t reveal any trade secrets; but we can help you out by sharing general ideas about which products, industries and promotions are working best these days.  Just maybe, this will provide some inspiration for you and your sales teams to get out there and win some business.

We will start these Crisis Busters: Tip of the Day today with our very first idea for you.  We wish you well in your own battle, and be assured, our top-notch team is ready to help you in every way we can.


John Lynch, CEO
Keep the Faith !




Focus on (relatively) strong sectors

When I first started thinking about this crisis, I assumed that all businesses were in the dumps.  After all, if you watch TV or read the papers, all you hear is economic bad news:  hotels are empty, airlines are desperate, even the oil firms are finding themselves at new lows.  It seems no one was spared.

But last Friday, I was on a conference call with some business owners from a wide range of sectors – and I was shocked.  “Our business is booming,” said one. “We need to put on extra shifts, so we are paying our workers a bonus if they don’t call out ill.”   Later that evening, I was speaking with a relative, an executive at Coca Cola in the USA.  She said “since people are isolated and bored at home, sales of Coke are going through the roof.  We can’t make the stuff fast enough.”

So, I experienced an epiphany:  not everyone has it bad right now - in fact, a few businesses are doing quite well.

These are the businesses who will keep spending on promotional merchandise and corporate gifts and apparel. These are the businesses that your sales force should be calling.

In general, larger corporations are probably well equipped to weather the economic storm – and therefore might have more financial resources for uniforms, merchandise or related products.  You should survey the markets and geographies you serve, and find out who may have money to spend.

In the coming editions of CRISIS BUSTERS: Tips, I will go into more detail about some specific sectors that appear to be resilient in the current climate.  In order for you to get started right away, here are a few ideas:

A few interesting sectors

Sector / Industry

Example companies

 Product / Promo Idea

Consumer Goods

Snack foods & beverages

Nabisco snacks, Coke & Pepsi, local brands

Consumer promotions.  Polar fleece or body warmers for drivers and warehouse staff

Food processing

Meat processors & ready-to-eat & frozen meals

Uniforms and promotions to wholesale and retail trade.

On-line food delivery


Driver outfits, baseball caps, carry bags, change purses.

Manufacturing businesses

Small & medium producers in a wide range of industries.

Work wear. With spring coming, lightweight polo shirts.

Bonus Tip:  CRM Clean-up

Now a question for you:  what shape is your client database (CRM) in?  I bet the answer is either a) total crap or b) could be a lot better.  What was the excuse in the past?  ‘Our sales reps don’t have time‘.  Well, folks, that excuse is now dead and gone.  Account Reps to the phones!

Have your Account Reps work tirelessly on cleaning up, and filling in your client database, with a wide range of data, including:  which industry your clients are in.   What? You don’t have a professional CRM system?  No problem – MS Excel will do nicely.   I’ll provide full, detailed instructions of how to do this in a future Crisis Buster Tip

Product Idea of the week: Organic Promo Totes

Idea for your client:  Purchase premiums:  For example, buy a three-pack 2-liter Bottles of Coke, and get a free Cotton Tote Bag to carry them home.



Cotton Fare "EVERYDAY PROMO TOTE" with full color print

100 pcs - 2.06 € / Net
1000 pcs - 1.11 € / Net


*The prices are net prices and may differ from the prices of products currently available on the Lynka Sp. z o.o. website.

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