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Our Vision

LYNKA’s vision is to become a top 5 supplier of promotional apparel in Europe. Our focus shall be selling decorated apparel and accessories to promotional agencies and resellers throughout the EU. The key to our competitiveness will be our professionalism and above all, our “full service solution” which delivers clients the highest quality products and decoration at attractive prices.

We see a future whereby Lynka – with the premier decoration and logistics facility in the region – would service thousands of clients throughout Poland, EU and Central Europe.


“Our purpose is to be an indispensable partner to promotional agencies and resellers, helping them to grow and to succeed in their businesses. Our wider purpose is the help companies promote their companies and their brands through the effectiveness of our promotional products.”

Our Core Values

QUALITY. We are dedicated to Quality. Quality of products, quality of service, quality of relationships, quality of our communications, quality of our promises. We must provide products and services that meet the demands in price / quality balance of our clients.

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Lynka cares deeply about our customers. Our clients are more demanding than ever. They expect from us better, cheaper, faster, more convenient, and trouble-free service – just to stay competitive. Our „full service solution” must be more than a slogan – it is the essence of our business strategy. We treat our customers as partners.

PEOPLE – OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET. To achieve our goals, Lynka must have a team of great people. We must attract and hire talented people, and retain them by making Lynka a great place to work – a place that helps employees to learn and develop, and with a compensation system that rewards hard work and performance. We must constantly ask ourselves “do we have the best team possible?”

INTEGRITY. LYNKA conducts business in an honest and ethical fashion. We honor our commitments. We treat employees fairly and with respect, we respect the laws of the land to our best ability, and we do not engage in corrupt business practices. It is our firm belief that our employees and clients will respect this, and long-term benefits will be gained.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. We must constantly strive to improve in everything we do – which includes our organization, our procedures and our standards of excellence.

PROFIT. Lynka must be a profitable company. We must be an efficient, productive and profitable business, or else we limit our ability to be of service to our clients.