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Conference folder SCRIPT  Halfar GLF/1814004

Pour voir l'image en couleur, cliquez sur l'échantillon de couleur ci-dessous
Quantité dans une boîte: 50
Dimensions: 25x32x3cm
Composition de tissu: PU Artificial Leather
Poids du tissu: 0
Fast track: Non
It is the silver zip combined with the warm PU artificial leather that makes this conference folder SCRIPT into a special gem. And they make sure that the SCRIPT is more than just a conference folder. After all. thanks to a reliable seal and various compartments. your own ideas on paper cannot only be collected in the folder. but also all kinds of forms and brochures. We have tried it out: Two full HALFAR® bag catalogues fit between the elegant back of SCRIPT. in addition to a standard writing pad of course. A personal greeting can also be perfectly placed inside and an individual silkscreen print or embossing can be flaunted on the outside – simply a real gem for all writers and collectors.
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