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One of our most important core values is INTEGRITY. LYNKA conducts business in an honest and ethical fashion.  We honor our commitments.  We treat employees fairly and with respect, we respect the laws of the land to our best ability, and we do not engage in corrupt business practices. It is our firm belief that our employees and clients will respect this, and long-term benefits will be gained.

Lynka is dedicated to social responsibility, safety and product quality at all levels of our manufacturing processes.  We commit to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business; ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations; respect for the rights of all individuals; as well as respect for the environment and the communities in which we do business.

Lynka supports numerous charitable organizations and initiatives, as well as supporting victims of natural disasters by donating clothing in times of need.  Lynka has relationships with several local schools in which we demonstrate and teach young people the virtues of private business enterprise.  We work closely with Krakow’s Universities as a participant in international exchange programs and internship programs.  Lynka also “gives back” to the community through our 20 year involvement with the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland including annual donations to orphanages and needy families.

Our Code of Conduct underscores our commitment to socially responsible labor practices.  We hold our contract manufacturers accountable for improving standards within the full supply chain, to train staff, to monitor and remedy non-compliance issues.

Lynka itself has been regularly inspected and accredited by third party organizations and clients, including Nike, Oakley, Coca Cola, Micros, Burton, as well as PIP and PIS Polish institutions.

Lynka retains the right to inspect or send a third party agency to inspect all facilities and records to confirm compliance to the Code of Conduct. Agent/Supplier will allow access at any time for the purpose of these inspections to any Vantage and its Suppliers employee or representative thereof.

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